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We are in Agriculture to support the achievement of the SDGs that will enable the world to meet the challenges of building a sustainable way to feed 9 billion people by 2050, To meet this target, the world's agricultural sector will need to undergo a significant transformation. Amongst all continents, Africa is the worst affected, with 60% of the world's arable land and the best weather and water resources it has the fastest growing population and the largest number of unemployed youths. This challenge puts Agriculture as the best solution to solving, the hunger poverty, and unemployment challenges that it is facing, but for this to happen More players are required to go venture into Agriculture as a business, create job opportunities, produce food for everyone, as this happens nutritious food will need to be made using fewer resources, bringing greater benefits to farmers and rural communities. Achieving this transformation will require new approaches and extensive coordination amongst all stakeholders in the agricultural system. While not the only answer, market-based approaches will be an important tool in the “toolbox” to drive change – providing the efficiency, scalability, and market-based incentives to power a large-scale effort 

The agriculture sector needs people like you and me to take up the challenge of feeding the world.

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